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Times Are Changing – Global Time Attack x Motor Massive 2017

By |July 29th, 2017|

With the growth in Time Attack, the other parts of the motoring world has responded. Leading premier company Global Time Attack teamed up again with Motor Mavens/86 Fest to create the first ever Motor Massive. Car Show checked, Vendor Row checked, Auto-X checked, and Time Attack Hell yeah! The chosen facility was none other than Auto Club Speedway in Fontucky (Fontana) California. Home to many races, and events, this one surely didn’t disappoint as it filled up that fast with people and cars from the parking lots to the garage pits. This year we didn’t do a booth, since time and proper product I would have wouldn’t be available on time. But we did manage to make 60 86 Fest x Motolyric Shirts just in time to be sold at the Motor Massive Booths. To our luck all 60 were gone in 6 hours. But that’s another story for another day.  […]

RCO #002 – “Sheri” Written and Driven by Devin Giles

By |June 17th, 2015|

I’ll share a brief history on myself. I’ve constantly liked the beat up track abused look with aggressive aero. I was never one to drool over super clean builds, but that stock power planted civic with worn R888’s was always just enough to look over. Then my S2000 comes in which was supposed to be my street/auto cross car. Full interior and livable, well that last all of a month and then things like AC started coming out magically. […]

Gingerman Raceway by Devin Giles

By |April 22nd, 2015|

As summer comes closer so does more track days and our all time favorite Time Attack Event, Global Time Attack x Road Atlanta. Set to come in on May 08-09 2015. The Driver and the Photographer behind these photos is Devin Giles in doing what he loves on and off the track. Stay tuned as he heads to Atlanta for the second time and gets ready to do battle with the Best of the Best in US. #globaltimeattack #devingiles #seeyouallthere #gta #motolyric #trackhookers

The Road to Redemption, Part 1 – “The Background”

By |December 11th, 2014|

There’s been some talk going around about me building another car. About a race car to represent the brand and showcase another outlook in the industry, well, it’s true and as much as I love creating photos and being a spectator at every event I attend, it still kills me inside to not be behind the wheel like most of you, doing what I also love and have been for so long. But to kick off this series with what I have planned, it’s very important for me and the staff to show you what I have in mind, and what better way to give back to our fans by involving you all along the way. […]