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NA-Letty x Motolyric Shirt

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Long Time Drag Racer Nalani Whatley has been going down the Drag Strip since 1997. Through the times, and 21 years going in her Honda CRX, this car has been through numerous builds and wins. Now with a new mission in 2019 She’s going to be taking her Race Car again to new heights, so what better way to bring out our first Drag Racing Division Shirt with this latest Design Collaboration. […]

Mission Accomplished – Saul Salceda Forever

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When I first heard the news I wanted to press the rewind button and make sure I didn’t hear it correctly. It’s one of those moments that hit you, and gets you thinking why? How? What? No Way! That’s exactly how I felt. But as the days passed it was unfortunately a reality¬†that¬†I and many had to accept. A man and a friend I only had the opportunity to know for a short time. Since most of my friends and our mutual friends in the industry have either known Saul for a long time or have currently worked with him on an upcoming project. I, on the other hand met him back in 2011 when he brought this odd dope looking CRX to the IDRC Finals in Fontana. […]