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The Speed Ring powered by HKS 2016

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The name itself makes you question, what do they mean? I thought about it and figured I’ll look into it later, but surely “The Speed Ring” has a nice tone to it. For me it was a short notice and last minute decision since we were just at the same Auto Club Speedway Fontana venue the weekend before. But with Time Attack mainly in our sights for the past months, we found out that many Global Time Attack Drivers were going to race at this event, along with many others I haven’t seen yet. Even better, the GTA and Formula D staff were collaborating on making this event worth coming attending.  […]

24 Hours of Glory… 1 day to go.

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As you already know the long anticipated 24 Hours of Le Mans aka 24 Heures du Mans will be going down this weekend. If you have never watched it, or have but don’t know what to look at or need some help understanding. Below are the spotter guides for this year’s eventful race.  […]


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The legendary Cosworth DFV that gave 12 Championships to a strong list of drivers and manufacturers. Dominating Formula One from 1968 to 1982, it was this V8 also known as the “Four Valve” that changed F1 history for a long time. Based on our recent feature with Mark Jager and his Time Attack Subaru, you may have noticed that blueprint design shirt on him. Being an F1 fan himself, it was a great way to showcase a small piece of the DFV Engine in the best way we could, and introduce the first Formula One shirt in our series “Motolyric F1 #001.” […]

The Next BIG Thing….

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  Professional Drifting just closed its season, and the cold temps are coming. With many track days coming to small numbers towards the winter, and the workshops are back storing machines of speed, it's obvious what we all wonder what the next BIG thing will be in 2013. This year came out in full force on all parts of the motorsports industry, from the Delta Wing to the Formula Drift Champ Daigo Saito, it was a great 2012. Honda a sleeping giant won in HPD form with their team Starworks Motorsports taking wins in Le Mans and Sebring, battling against Toyota and Nissan powered counterparts they are becoming a force to be reckon with. The Time Attack part of this has a new king and target, the NEMO Racing EVO broke the World Record with a 1:25.020 in Australia, bringing the competition more food to play at the table, and another challenge where machine and man become one to make a mark. From around the world Formula ONE is still running, the first ever 6 Champions in one season, with back to back intense action the Winner still cannot be sure. Hamilton is making changes after this year and will be jumping on board to Mercedes in 2013, Vettel last year's champ is making his way back to the top after hard races and determined thinking, it's a given his talent is merely great. While the return of Schumacher was long awaited it's another good-bye and possibly forever as he stated this will be his last seat time for the remaining races of 2012. Along with the many other racing forms, and thousands of developments going on through the year it's been a phenomenal 2012 to say the least, I wish I could mention everything I've [...]