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Import Face-Off Famoso 2018

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Legendary in it’s own right, nothing is as exciting for me to start the racing season with some good ol Drag Racing. The import kind of Import Face-Off, that has been bringing back the Import Drag Racing a place to race, and a spot in the Motorsports World. Sure it’s not as big as the Imports vs. Domestics at the end of year or March Meet that falls after, but Cliff of IFO and the partners like Mike from the Foat, and Nick of Ososik have been making IFO a legendary series for some time now. With over 40 plus events a year around the USA, they have been giving racers a place to go down the quarter mile for the past 16 years and have succeeded as now the #1 Import Drag Racing Series in the US!  […]

The beat goes on – IDRC Finals 2016

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In the world of Motorsports, drag racing still beats hard on a lot of gear heads across the globe. While some still believe that it takes no skill to pilot a car down a straight line, haven’t experienced it long enough to get to a level some can only dream about. But here at Motolyric, it don’t matter, and some of you can relate, that we all know that any racing is good for us. Although I haven’t Drag Raced a car since the local LACR closed down in 2007, I’m still a fan and follower since the Battle of the Import days, and I can say I will never get tired of it. I still enjoy that quick thrill watching 2 cars go at it from a dead stop. There is truly nothing like it in the world.  […]

Pikes Peak 2016 by Edwin Camanag

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Through the years we've been honored to have some contributors come shoot for Motolyric and share their work. This year I decided to check out Pikes Peak, and figured it would be great to partner up with another photographer. Check out these beautiful captures by Edwin Camanag. #ppihc

RCO #003 – “Just Track It” Mike Hatten’s fast moving Integra

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In a world where Horsepower seems to be more attractive in Race Cars than actually driving the car, everyone seems to misunderstand the term. Where the track proves not only the car you drive, but the skill set you you have. Global Time Attack has been an exciting event for us since day one, giving Time Attack Cars a home and a place for drivers to go all out, safely. But this year in a field of nicely built machines, there was one simple car that caught my eye. Black in color and nicely built without nothing to crazy, or slapped on just for the day. […]

Mission Accomplished – Saul Salceda Forever

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When I first heard the news I wanted to press the rewind button and make sure I didn’t hear it correctly. It’s one of those moments that hit you, and gets you thinking why? How? What? No Way! That’s exactly how I felt. But as the days passed it was unfortunately a reality that I and many had to accept. A man and a friend I only had the opportunity to know for a short time. Since most of my friends and our mutual friends in the industry have either known Saul for a long time or have currently worked with him on an upcoming project. I, on the other hand met him back in 2011 when he brought this odd dope looking CRX to the IDRC Finals in Fontana. […]

Pirelli World Challenge Streets of Long Beach 2015

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PWC – Pork With Cheese, actually as you know it’s the Pirelli World Challenge. This year was unexpected and with high hopes of seeing the Real Time Racing Acuras Podium, it wasn’t their weekend or anybody’s for that matter. A majority of people confuse these Race Cars with the IMSA or TUDOR Championship cars that happened to be there that same awesome weekend in Long Beach. But a totally different set of rules, classes and though the cars do resemble similarities just think of these fine Race Machines a little more classed. With 7 different classes, it was the GT, GTA and GT Cup Cars that traded paint on the Streets of Long Beach that weekend. […]