Good Morning Everyone or Good Night depending on what part of the world your seeing this.. What a Great weekend in the Racing World… With the Highlight of it all was Sebastien Loeb Breaking and Killing the Record at Pikes Peak on Sunday to an astounding 8:13.878 a Minute and a half compared to Millen’s Record set Last Year. Rhys Millen (Official Fan Page) was behind in a 9:02.192 which was also a record best for him. The question now is how long will this Record Stand? Will Tajima come out of the Electric Class to fight back? Or will the Millen’s work on a strategy to take back what was in their family for a long time? Only next year will show what’s in store.. On another note in Formula One Nico Rosberg of Mercedes GP placed 1st again at the British Grand Prix, trailed by Mark Webber in 2nd and Fernando Alonso for Third. It was an interesting and amazing race to watch with so many Tire Issues the question now remains in the hands of theFIA and Pirelli what will be done for the next GP? Is this coincidence or will changing the Belt design from a Steel version to a newer Kevlar would work? We will wait to see what unfolds, but after all was said and done, the Real Race happened on the Last 6 laps of the race, after an internal failure on Sebastian Vettel‘s Car the Fight for Podium was nail biting. Rosberg held top spot for the remainder but could have been taken out by Webber who was 1st Place Trophy hungry if only 1 or 2 more laps where in, behind that battle Alonso fought his way up passing Sutil and then Raikkonen who was eventually passed by Hamilton that was chasing right behind him.. All in all it was a spectacular race to watch and although the Original prediction or what most thought would have been a Hamilton or Vettel Win, the tables turned and the result was much needed… For the Racing World what a great way to start the Summer season and now that we are halfway through the year, I hope this motivates everyone working on their cars to keep the battle on.. For now Keep Calm, and Don’t Let Off! -Rommel/Motolyric