Subiefest kicked off the weekend with numbers that any event organizer would die for. Returning for its9th consecutive year, this one did not disappoint with crowds of fans and enthusiasts to the Fuji Heavy Industries Logo spreading like ants around a dropped PB&J sandwich. Although we were there for the Race Cars like Mark Jager’s Yimi Sport Tuning Time Attack STI, Rob Campbell’s STI, Istvan Klag of Night Motorsport’s STI and ESX Motorsports very own Ali Afshar’s BRZ Single Digit Drag Monster. We couldn’t help notice any other interesting cars at the event.

Thanks to the hundreds of sponsors the event was made possible, and if you didn’t care so much for the car show, the vendor row was packed with shops giving killer discounts and deals. Our personal favorites of the event were the Auto-X by SCCA and Time Attack held by Extreme Speed Track Events. The action here was always fun to watch and just goes to show how many Subaru Owners really like to flog their AWD boxers.

Music was on point thanks to Funkworks, and the food vendors were massively accessible. We had the Chicken & Waffles that we highly recommend if you can ever find that truck strolling in So-Cal. So definitely make an effort next year to come down or come up where ever you are to witness and experience one of So-Cal’s fastest growing One Make Car Culture’s. Till then take a look at the gallery from this event. – Rommel #motolyric