Walker Wilkerson's FORMULA DRIFT CAR STOLEN!!!

Sadly another cool car got stolen from thieves. Walker Wilkerson a friend and supporter of Motolyric just got his lovely taken away.. Let’s do our part and spread the news and make it viral.. In today’s world using Facebook and our own Websites may be the only solution to get results, someone has to got to know something.. So share this link or just post it all over.. Thank you… -Rommel

Walker Wilkerson’s Formula Drift car S T O L E N with 20ft Enclosed Trailer in Carson CA but could be taken to any state or anywhere.

Trailer has WASHINGTON plates which is: 3614XR
240sx VIN #: JN1MS34P1NW105528

P LE A S E—H E L P—– U S!!! If you find, see, or hear A N Y info!!! Everything will be confidential. Someone stole the car and trailer last night ( DECEMBER 23 ) What a great Christmas gift.

***** Because someone is so cold hearted, they didn’t just steal a car for a few quick bucks**** THEY STOLE SOMEONE’S CARRER AND MEANS OF LIVING! What comes around goes around*****

Before you buy anything below, ask for receipts! Make sure you’re not going to get charges pressed against you for buying stolen property. If the price is too good to be true, its probably stolen!

Nissan 240sx/ Kouki S13.4

Exedy Twin Disc Clutch
G-Force GSR Dog Box Transmission
Fueled Racing Custom Driveshaft
Fueled Racing Custom Trans Mount
R32 GTR Axles
KAAZ R32 GTR 2way Diff
R32 GTR Front and rear calipers
Powered by Max Rotors
Brembo Rotors
R32 GTR Rear Ebrake Drum
OMP Pista Drivers Seat
OMP TRS Passenger Seat
Nardi 350mm Deep Corn Wheel
Garage Autohero FD Spec Cage
STACK Gauge Cluster
APEXi S1 Damper Coilovers
Ikeya Formula Tie-Rods
ERA 1 Modified Drop Knuckles F/ R
SPL Tension Rods
SPL Toe Arms
SPL Rucas
SPL Traction rods
SPL Solid subframe bushings
Whiteline Adjustable F/ R Swaybars
Energy suspension steering rack bushings
Aluminum steering bushing
500WHP/500 WTQ
Chevrolet Z06 7.0L LS7 motor (motor has a label that states it was built by Robin)
Comp Cams CamShaft
Fast Intake Manifold
PRC Dual Valve springs
Comp Pushrods
Comp Rocker Arms
Comp Titanium Retainers
Comp Valve Spring Seats
Comp Valve Stem Seals
Fast 102mm Throttle Body
Fast Billet Fuel Rails
Aeromotive FPR
Aeromotive A1000 Fuel Pump
Custom Garage Autohero 4″ Exhaust
Canton Accusump
Greddy Oil Cooler
Koyo Radiator
Motec Engine Management System
Fueled Racing Oil Pan
Fueled Racing Motor Mount Kit
Fueled Racing Tubular Headers
B Magic Kouki Bumper (f)
BN Sports Type 2 Side Skirts & Bumper (R)
S13.4 Conversion Bmagic Fenders (f)
B-magic 50mm Fenders (R)
Seibon Carbon Kouki Hood
Seibon Carbon Doors
Seibon Carbon Trunk Lid
326 Power Roof Wing
Custom Graphics by Factory 83
Rays Gram Lights 57D 18×9.5+12 (F&R)
Falken RT615K Tire 235/40/18 (F)
Falken RT615K Tire 275/35/18 (R)
Garage Autohero Tubular Frame (F)
Garage Autohero Tubular Drum (R)