Spring into Summer, Drag Racing is fun when you’re there. Weather was a partial fear for some, but for the die hard of this industry, it wasn’t going to stop anyone in their tracks. IDRC comes down again to Fontana, for another Drag Racing event. Showing up with proper staff, vendors, car show, food trucks and the Drag Racing.

But the highlight of the day and my reason for going was to witness Santos Turbo make a comeback with a new Race Car. After his unfortunate accident with his legendary 2RZ Powered Toyota Corolla, he spent an entire season rebuilding another one. This time in the simple shade of White, his new monster is now sporting a bigger 28×10.5 in the rear. Using the same heart as the previous car, only a Turbonetics Spooled 2RZ will do it for Santos. Also Professionally tuned by the master Rafael Fuentes Jr. of Auto Authority, and special fabrication details by Santos Renovales Jr. of Munkyw3rkz Fabrication. As eager as I was wanting to see Santos pop a wheelie or launch into the 8 Second territory, it’s a smart move for the man and his machine to take things step by step. As history has taught us is that with all the experience and placement of parts going into any race car, comes the breakdown of getting all the bugs worked out and figuring out what’s going on with the car. Unfortunately, there was no solid passes for this little beast. But tire shake and other gremlins put the car back on its trailer for another day and another time.

As for the rest of the event, the Vendor Row and Car show was off the hook. Packed to the brim it was great seeing lot’s of people continue to flood in on events like this even if the weather was a question. -Rommel Estrada #rco #dragfckr

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