When we did our first real collaboration Shirt, it was with Snail Performance. As a fan and friend of their Team and an appreciation for their Race Cars, I had a great idea that sparked a movement. That Shirt Record Breaker featuring Markos Mylonas and his Subaru WRX Race Car stylized in a Rat Fink Style design manifesting a Killer Looking Snail was a hit. Well after that, since then we collaborated with other companies, and brands like Global Time Attack, The Dream Series, 86 Fest, Speed Factory Racing, and Turbo By Garrett to name a few. Not stopping we definitely want to continue the collabortations, but also make sure that what we put out there is truly Original for one, and second a badass shirt that not only we would wear, but you would be proud and honored to do the same. 

Still offering our proven and popular choice of shirts combined with ideas from both ends to create a One-Off design that satisfies our similar tastes is always a challenge. This particular design was thought of from Travis of Snail Performance, and with our lead designer Dedu, where we went back to the drawing tables to create a Snail Smashing down on a Old Stopwatch hence the name “Smashing Time”.

As always available for only a Limited Time from April 16th to the 23rd. Once Midnight that night comes we will close the link for good and retire this design forever. This is a Limited Edition Shirt only offered through Motolyric in conjunction with Snail Performance. -Rommel Estrada #teamshirt

Link to Order: Snail Performance Time Attack Team Shirt   

Link to Order: Snail Performance Time Attack Team Sticker