The new era of fighting has become a diverse place for all types of people, regardless of race, color, background, height, weight, and gender. Both Boxing and MMA have been a Male Dominant sport for years, and centuries for boxing. Female Fighters in today’s world are now considered a force to be reckoned-with and not to be treated less or given the slight ease when it comes to training.

Believe it or not female boxing actually dates back to the 1700’s and the very first reported American Bout was in 1876 in New York. Fast forward through the years Female boxing became more noticeable and eventually worked its way into the mainstream. With awareness comes progress, and even with a small count in all parts of the world, the media hasn’t really exposed the Female side of boxing as much as they would when 2 males box each other out in the ring. But times have changed and now they are more prominent. You can thank social media and places like Instagram where we met this Fighter hailing from the City Of Duarte. At 152 lbs of fighting spirit, Faith Franco has grown in the sport through some challenges and setbacks, but with a positive attitude and a determination like no other she stands proud among the greatest in her industry. Rated #2 in the entire USA she has developed a passion in Boxing and hasn’t seen the signs to quit.

For the past year I’ve been commenting on her photos, and her replies were always ending with a meet with the camera. Well, we definitely had the opportunity to seal the deal and capture her for a few rounds, while she gets ready and train for her upcoming fight. Representing the Duarte Boxing Club and her Coach Victor Valenzuela she has been blessed to travel around the World from Tahiti to New Zealand, but she has grown her fan base here in arenas all over the USA. So we got the camera ready and watching her shadow box was totally unexpected, she made her hands look reminiscent of the Legendary “Manny Pac-Man Pacquiao”. Moving with lightning speed, it was literally that hard to catch her hands with the camera. I can only pray that her next opponent on March 28th be ready for this fast fighter with a heart. -Rommel Estrada #motolyricfighters

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