We’ve used the term RCO (Race Cars Only) many times through the years and it defines how we mostly feel when we want to see cars. Although we hardly attend shows, since we get pretty busy with the track day events only. We do get an opportunity to attend one or even the local car meet which is rare. But it can be a show or an event, once we are there, we scout the parking lots, the pits and the track. Looking for that car, the one that’s built around the racing definition term we use. If we get lucky and find one. We start to take a closer look and dig deeper to see if it does do what it struts. Glance at the tires if ¬†they’ve been chewed up, look for brake dust like no tomorrow and most of all find the scars and results of tracking and racing a car. Does this mean that we don’t like clean cars? No not really, but if the car looks like it’s been in a battle, then it floats our boat.

So we’re kicking off this series with someone we’ve been watching since he started posting photos of his once beautiful Honda Civic EF. James Ingram from the far town of Hemet, started with what looked like a show car. But as the tracking bug took a bite out of him, it became relevant that his car would take over and bring him nothing but days in the garage wrenching for the next track day. As an attendee of Vtec Club, he’s managed podium finishes and a following all over just from what he’s been doing with his car.

James Ingram’s EF is proof of, that you don’t need much to race, and have fun. Single-Cam combined with some suspension tuning, a Status Racing bucket seat and racing harness that’s it really. Well, he also stripped the interior and left it bare enough to where only the good ol’ vise grip is used for the window rollers. Steering is supplemented with a Personal steering wheel followed by a nice Dylan Towers Design direct fit racing panel for controls and anything you want to put, like a Smoke screen button. Lol. Unlike some featured articles we find cars with a roll call of modifications and aftermarket support. Not to take away anything away from these cars and the owners, but the point we’re trying to get across is that you don’t need much to go racing. Realistically following a simple plan of tires, brakes, suspension, seats, and harness for most cars can give you some happy times at the track. For yourself a good Helmet to start with and after some seat time get a pair of gloves with shoes later through the progression. That’s it, racing takes more than just the product and if you really love cars and performance in general there’s nothing out there better than to start off at your local raceway. Granted, it does cost an entry fee, gas, and some lodging if you don’t live close enough, but find some friends with like-minded goals and you’ll save some money. In the end, if it’s not for you, then move on, but I can almost guarantee you’ll be hooked for life and you’ll be replacing your Facebook profile photo with your car taking a turn. – Rommel Estrada #dontletoff #rco #jamesingramef #motolyric #trackhookers