With the growth of time attack events nationwide, we are seeing more and more events catering to the demographics of car culture. VTEC Club USA has been something that I’ve been following lately and the type of cars and people are always fresh. Being a multiple Honda owner for years there is something about the cars and people that are part of it that make it exciting. I mean the motors are great and the dependability of these machines is hard to beat. But everyone and their mom knows they know that already. So what is it that Honda people have or do that has given them the smiles and love for the cars they drive? 

I don’t think that question will ever have the right answer. So as I pace the pits at these events I notice that it’s not that much different than the other Time Attack events, other than the fact that everyone seems to be a closer knit. Second, most of the cars are not leaking or being worked on constantly hence the reliability. Of course I could be wrong here because I haven’t been to all the events, but let’s put that in perspective how many cars on a mass scale can you build, race and drive home? Through all weather, and distances which car makes can almost guarantee you these types of results? I’m sure Honda is at the top of that list and not being a fan boy here, but let’s face it, it’s a proven brand and a very competitive one also. I wish I could say the same for their Formula 1 Season right now, but it is what it is. Lol.

Thanks to Duane Bada and crew for always allowing us to participate and capture these events. This visit gave me a challenge from seeing it on the pit side instead of trying to capture the cars racing around the Streets of Willow. With the popularity growing I know there are other photographers out there taking care of that coverage anyways, and out of respect, it’s always my best interest to not interfere or try to one up the other talent doing the same thing we love. So no action photos here, just a few simple shots of some key cars in the pits. Till next time. – Rommel Estrada #vtecftw #vtecclubusa #motolyric #trackhookers