Max Capacity was more like it. First time I have ever seen Famoso Raceway that packed to the brim, and that’s me arriving early Sunday morning for what was a 3-4 day event. The ever-popular March Meet held at the famous Auto Club Famoso Raceway has been going down for almost 60 plus years. Don’t know the exact number, but from what I do know it was this event that put Bakersfield CA. on the Motorsports Map of the World. The history of this special event goes so far back that the stories of “Big Daddy” Don Garlits, John Force, Tony Pedregon and even NASCAR’s very own Kevin Harvick are truly part of what makes this event that great. I’ve been lucky enough to now be a visitor of such an event and more in the future.

Now if you have ever been lucky enough to step in the pits and on this special Race Track, you’ll notice the staff, and the people that continue to make this track possible are always welcoming. Famoso has been used for many years for all types of Drag Racing and Race cars and it has yet to disappoint. But the Largest and most coveted event is and probably will always be the “March Meet” which speaks for itself in volumes. Going down the pits you’ll see countless race cars, families and lifestyles all blended on one asphalt. BBQ’s and tents line up on both pit sides of the track, from personal establishments to full-blown team gatherings, it’s all here and the Vendor Row has more than enough for you to buy, sell or even trade. From full suspension, and engine building companies to mom and pop shop brands the Vendors had something cool to buy which was almost reminiscent of Pomona’s Swap Meet. The walking areas are cluttered with so much enthusiasm that it flows on to you as you walk by, but the most memorable thing I realized is that the atmosphere was like one big celebrated party for gear heads.

Makes me wonder what 3 days could have done for me and my camera. But then again not sure if the Nitro would have made me cry more, or the awesome food kill my diet plans. Lol. Special thanks to Mike of M&H Tires for the hospitality and access, without him the photos below wouldn’t have been possible. Please visit for our Motolyric Profile there from these photos and many others.

So without repeating what many describe this all so great event and go out of context here, enough of the talking and please enjoy the gallery. – Rommel Estrada #motolyric #thefoat #marchmeet #mandhtires #famosoraceway