There’s a time and a place for everything. So they say, but for me Drifting will and always be home for me at Road Atlanta. I say it every year and for every enthusiast if you haven’t been to Road Atlanta for Round 2 Formula Drift then you haven’t seen it all. Plus, you get to be part of the Global Time Attack Pro Championship as part of the combo. All I’m saying is save a little more, buy your tickets in advance, and get reservations at months prior and it’ll be more affordable than you think.

Formula D Round 2 marked the return of Mad Mike Whiddett who came all the way from New Zealand. After a long hiatus, he came back with a 26B Twin Turbo Monster (Real Monster) of a Miata. All Mazda, all custom, and directly made for this sport. The gentleman he is, Mad Mike brought up a storm as he battled his way up through the Top 32 and landed himself against Forrest Wang in the Top 16. What possibly could be the best battle and smokiest one for sure was a OMT, not once but twice! As the smoke settled, and another glorious crackle of high HP engines of war, Forrest Wang and his beautiful S15 came out victorious.

Although many fans and industry heads claimed different stories and what or who should been crowned that night. It doesn’t matter anymore and as drifting succeeds in knowledge, so will the what ifs. Odi Bakchis ended up taking the overall win, and not with ease. After going at it with the best in the industry, Odi definitely had his hands full. Working through Japan’s Champ Yokoi who happened to do even better this round, then after that, a very hungry Moen who definitely was a surprise, and then out of all the competitors he meets up to end the night with Ken Gushi who by all means did an excellent job of not only placing second but giving the fans a show never seen before. A comeback if you will, a return of glory and the joy in what we all saw that night as Forsberg, Gushi, and Odi smiled and gave their teams a super thank you was a perfect ending to another great Road Atlanta. – Rommel Estrada #fdatl #drifting #motolyric #makeitlastalifetime