Buttonwillow Pride – Well, actually it’s more like Global Time Attack takes over. Finally, after a season break, we get our first taste for the year, of true time attack in the states. GTA makes it even better for 2016. Alongside with Speed District again, the event was packed with Mild Cars to Full-Out purpose machines. Truly an event that I always encourage others to come or drive with the series. With more events added in 2016 including some new collaborations, it’s going to be one hell of a year.

Each year I look forward to what’s going to show up, who’s going to break a record and what’s going to happen. This time around I saw some new changes in some of the rides, like Chris Hofmann’s Chevy Cobalt of Foximus Motrosports sporting some new flares, and Sally McNulty’s new livery on her beautiful Subaru WRX representing Snail Performance with Travis Barnes to name a few. It was good to see Michael Rif come out again with his C7 and make some good laps for testing and improvement and also claimed the Street RWD Class in the process.

But what I always love and notice is the new attendees at every event, regardless of the group, I see more and more cars coming from all over and it makes it that more exciting. The GRIDLIFE guys returned coming all the way from the Mid-West, Hard Motorsport came all the way from Washington with their Fender Flared and aesthetically done right BMW 335i which was fast, but wasn’t able to do a full lap due to gremlins plaguing them the whole day. We just hope to see more of their car in upcoming GTA events, and also the crew who welcomed me and my camera during the session breaks.

Another surprise was seeing┬áKen Suen of Honda Fame returning after a hiatus, but not with the Big Red Civic he’s known for, but with a White is right 9th gen civic. Even with a break from tracking, he was able to win Street FWD with a 1:56. Caliber Customs represented really nice with a C5, a E36, Cobra, and their awesome sounding Gallardo. Lastly their was this alien space ship of a EVO 9 from Roma Racing that was just awesomely aero crazy. But in case you missed out, check out the photos and you’ll see what I mean.

Also as we get ready for Road Atlanta for the next Global Time Attack event we just finished a new shirt for the spring/summer line up. Pretty muched created to cater to the Track Lovers we have met and worked with through the years, we really hope to share the same love to everyone worldwide with this new design, so stay tuned for that release. -Rommel Estrada #staytuned #thankyou #gtaforever