Well the entire week is full of races really. King of The Hammers again has become an epic and memorable trip. This time I went with Antonio of Motor Mavens, V8 Builds, and 86 Fest to name a few. Since Saturday was the true last day, we wasted no time and headed into the desert of glory. The place to be when it’s this time of the year, the place to be part of when you love off-roading and the atmosphere that goes with it. King of the Hammers is ultimately the number one in my opinion the BEST Off-Roading Event by far. 

Took my newly acquired Adventure Rig #lindsay4runner again, and this time around we split up and did our own thing separately. As a spectator, you can still have access and have a good vantage point anywhere. Either it be Chocolate Thunder or Back Door, the spots are roomy enough to spread your wings. If you have never been, don’t bring anything not capable of handling off road excursions. As the trails and to get to certain locations in Johnson Valley definitely requires 4×4 or at least some type off-road capable rig.

As plans go, there was none since I just wanted to enjoy the race as a spectator and check out all the cool rigs. Bringing my own off road vehicle also made it a journey for myself and not just for media content. But as a photographer, I can’t leave my camera behind, so I captured what I found both interesting and just downright cool.

Maybe next year, I’ll spend more time chasing the Race and getting more involved with the real #koh, but as an enthusiast and huge fan of off roading, I can’t complain. So here’s a small collection of what I took that day.. -Rommel Estrada #motolyricoffroad