Not too long ago So-Cal’s Famous Fontana Dragway was shut down due to a city battle regarding too much noise and to close down the track. Local residents (Don’t know who or how many) stated that the noise was an issue and that they want the track to be closed, why because I live near a Race Track and railroad. Kind of odd that they didn’t take this into consideration when moving here, or if they were already long time locals, why now complain? With Drag strips closing down everywhere, it’s becoming a sad site in Southern California. One of the Birthplaces of Drag racing and a Car Culture base so strong that it would a devastating blow to Drag Racers alone. Thank God the track staff and owners came to an agreement with the city to put up a Sound Barrier wall and the doors re-opened. Now in its first year back, the Drag strip has been housing several events that have been coming here for years including the Nationwide famous Import Face-Off Series. Its return has definitely been anticipated, and the ticket sales from proves that Import Drag Racing is coming back even stronger.

With High winds in the 30’s the day didn’t start off well, but once I got out of the car and checked out the lines I already knew no matter what, there was still going to be some racing and lot’s of people. The Proof was in the stands and it was packed, the car show had a full fleet of So-Cal’s finest, including a good variety of girls left and right. D.J. kept the tables hot with people walking from the pits to the stands it was a great event nonetheless. Thanks to Cliff and the IFO Staff for always pulling through and creating an event worth every dollar and second spent. Let’s face it, everyone knows when you love the sport that much, God forbid there could be a serious storm and we will still be there no matter what. The Honda Camps in all categories represented strong and well, strong attendees like Javier Loarca, Jeremy Bretschneider, Gio Salinas, and Jason Park to name a few, the Quicker classes called in several noticeable cars including the always quick Santos Renovales and his Turbo Corolla. The sound barrier did its job of not only deadening the sound, but as a wind blocker for the racers. Now only till the end everyone was dialing in times in the 1/8th mile it was the only way the track would let us race without canceling the event. So at first it was a little confusing even though I have watched many 1/8th mile races at a nearby Irwindale Dragstrip, I guess it being IFO we wanted to see the full length battle. But all good, the racing continued and  since we are a week away from the last IFO on the calendar for the West Coast  in Viva Las Vegas go ahead and peep the photos here for now and we’ll see you all in Vegas!

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