Just got back from Vegas for the IDRC Sin City Nationals. First-Off I want to congratulate all the winners at the event show or race. Thank you for making an effort and coming down regardless of where you came from. Second, as much as I would like to have seen a bigger number of competitors in all the classes and an audience that speaks volumes we all know that didn’t happen. So without trying to instigate or burn bridges here, I want to know what would it take to keep and grow the Import Drag Racing Scene alive on the West Coast?

Now nothing to take away from Cliff and Import Face-Off since they do a mighty fine job at bringing exciting events here to Cali and to Vegas every single time. But we all know that the East Coast Import Drag Racing has got us beat in amount of events and attendance.

These photos are from my iPhone, and the event album will be posted up later this week. Thank you for your support. – Rommel Estrada #motolyric