Honda Day is Finally here. A premier event that happens every year and just grows with madness. Always a Sold Out event and to describe it here would be an unjustice, with Racers from all over they just come to lay it down on the 1/4 mile more so for the culture and the love. Though the Crown and money factor is a goal for all of them competing, it’s the records and notoriety that makes these Racers come and make it happen. ┬áHonda owners and Acura owners flee to this once in a life time opportunity and race 2 days straight for the Contingencies and titles. But If you haven’t been to one then you surely can’t miss the next one. Let’s face it 20,000 plus people can’t be wrong..

So for those who think Import Drag Racing is dead or Honda Import Drag Racing is dead, then you haven’t seen what they do out there on East.. Props to all the racers and teams out there, we will have one of our east coast contributors there covering some interesting races and cars. So stay tuned back here and to check out all the photos and coverage next week after the Battle… -Rommel/Motolyric #hondaday #motolyric #thisicarculture