Another track day in So-Cal with Global Time Attack¬†and Speed District. Willow Springs continues to be an ongoing hot spot for grassroots Time Attack. It seems at every event we attend, we notice new cars, new people and new relationships built. With a few more track days left before the Big Super Lap Battle in November, the questions on everyone’s minds are who will be there, who will run, and who will conquer and set new records. The usual suspects at Round 3 just to name a few like Roy Narvaez, Rif Dagher, Sally McNulty, Andrew Nier, and Karla Pestotnik slapped on some tires and hit the track.

Speed District brewed a large number of BMW fanatics mixed with Tony Fuentes and Anthony Lockerman. They truly continue to bring more crowds to the sport we all love. Amen to Josh, Iris and Staff for progressing the track culture, it’s bound to just grow more.

In the end, the flash flood warnings hit all our phones and we all finished just in time. So without further info, enjoy the photos. Thank you for supporting us! – Rommel Estrada #timeattack #globaltimeattack #speeddistrict #rco #motolyric #trackhookers