You see the works of pro photographers capture Formula Drift images like no one else can. So many others with camera equipment fighting for that unique photo, only to see everyone has similar shots. Well, last week was my opportunity to dive in headfirst and see what it was FD was all about. Knowing hardly anything about the sport, my eyes and ears were wide open and I asked plenty of questions.

As the races kicked off, the scene reminded me of the time I attended a NASCAR race. Entire families would come to watch and cheer for their favorite drifter. Crowds would cheer as drivers got into accidents, media reps highlighted almost every available space they could shoot from, and replays were broadcast on large screens while the MC would recap the play.

You watch the two cars line up at the start and catapult into a straightaway and as they head into their first long turn. To think these cars push out anywhere from 700 to 1000HP is insane, but that’s not where the key in drifting lies. The ability to grip the tarmac while turning the lateral momentum of the car converted into a forward motion relies heavily on a good suspension, good tires and stopping power. Hitting the barriers or one another while they “dance” is inevitable, but seeing these cars recover and hop right back in to compete is remarkable.

I look forward to shooting during the 2015 season. Word is, they might not hold FD at Irwindale next year, but we’ll see where that heads. I definitely enjoyed having the ability to roam around the track and capture the following photos.  – Byron Yoshida #fdirw #driftstuff #motolyric