Drifting sideways every weekend seems impossible. But the reality is every weekend or even some days drift events and proper sanctioning bodies are providing places for you to slide. Just Drift a local So-Cal entity has been giving grassroots superstars a place and experience that is welcoming to everyone, you can come to spectate, drift your car, or even a ride along. Standard entrance fees or registration is affordable and well worth it. They have been running this gird for years at Willow Springs International Raceway and have a huge following even from the pros. As the Formula D season comes to an end, exactly on the weekend after every year the Just Drift crew put together the ever popular “All-Star Bash” which is nothing but pure fun and adrenaline. Usually a 2 day Saturday-Sunday event they make the Streets of Willow their home, although Rosamond doesn’t have the capacity for Hotels and Motels very close you can always pack a sleeping bag, tent and all and just spend the night at the track. Truly a tailgating style Motorsport drifting has become more than a lifestyle and is growing to be an American Past-time.

So next year mark your calendars and stay updated for more Just Drift Events and be sure to not miss All-Star Bash 2015. – Rommel Estrada #motolyric #driftstuff