Usually I post up a write-up here before we start selling the next product we have. But 2017 has been a lot about taking action and just putting out what we believe is a great quality product. Through the years when we started making our first T-Shirts, we tried and used many different materials. Always experimenting the reliability and usefulness of everything we put out there prior to us selling it. From washing them a 100 times or putting them through the worst types of accidental cleanings. Just to see what the result would be, and therefore understand how long and how valuable our product will be in the outside world. 

I’ve always wanted to create a great hat, one that would stand the test of time, while representing the brand. After buying and testing different hats, we realized that the New Era products matched our needs. Although not a popular choice among the industry due to its price point, the names like RVCA, Young & Reckless, and all the Pro Sports Teams used New Era, and now I can see why. The quality, fitment and reliability of these New Era Hats are truly a masterpiece, and so it would only be fitting to put our name on it.

Representing the origin of Motolyric’s home base Santa Clarita, the State of California, and the Sierra Highway. The first Motolyric Snapback was created with the simple thought of showcasing the brand, it’s roots, and current location. Now your probably wondering what does the Sierra Highway have anything to do with the brand. Well this special strip of highway almost parallel to the 14 Fwy starts from the 5 north and 14 Connector, heading towards Willow Springs Raceway, it has a windy road that leads back onto the 14 heading out to the Mojave Desert. Although I have driven on that road personally in my S2000, AE86, and several other cars. It’s a small section part of Sierra Hwy between Via Princessa and Golden Valley that a majority if not all¬†ideas, concepts, and future products have been thought of first. Call it luck, coincidence, or whatever, but every time I’m doing my early run up that incline the next Track Hookers Hoodie, or Shirt comes on in my head like a light bulb.

At first we went ahead and made 25 hats, and within the first 5 hours we where left with 2. So we figured, it would best to do our usual Pre-Order sale and give everyone the chance to cop the first Motolyric Snapback. From May 10th to the 15th we ended up selling 93 total Snapbacks, and 17 of those went International to Australia, Japan, the United Kingdom, Germany, and Italy. Surely a great feat for us, and mighty honored to see the brand continue to grow and expand all over the World. With that in mind, we have already started planning on making the next hat, so if you missed out on the first one, don’t sleep on us and stay tuned. Again a big THANK YOU to all those who continue to purchase our products and support the Motolyric Brand. -Rommel Estrada #motorsportsculturesupply