A little late to the party on this post, but enough time for some small talk. The Verizon Indycar Series has been coming back on a rise after some progressive interest from fans all over. Not to be confused with Formula One where the stage is set Worldwide, the Series only takes place in the USA. With a total of 16 races in one season only 4 tracks including the Historical known Grand Prix of Long Beach are street circuits. Growing up I was always a little confused with the difference between Indycar and Formula 1, since both platforms are single-seat machines I figured they where the same. Only until 1989 I started to understand the difference as I gained more interest and eventually becoming a Ayrton Senna fan. But I never grew any interest towards Indy Cars, and I don’t know why but I can assume that it was the differences in the sounds and quite possibly because my uncle who is a huge car nut was the one that gravitated me towards Formula 1.

Fast forward to today at 35 years old and my whole likeness towards Motorsports in general is massive. For the past 5 years my interest in Indycar has grown,  I do realize that a majority of the drivers are former F1 Drivers that had a chance or never made it to the top like they say. But I see it differently and you gotta admit that being in any professional level racing series is already a blessing in my eyes. Lol. Let’s face it any one of us would love to live that lifestyle right?

Anyways here’s a small collection of photos from the Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach. Enjoy! – Rommel Estrada #highlineautos #motolyric #tgplb