It’s been 2 months since the last time we posted anything up in our main site. Due to certain events falling out of our reach and doing more in terms of our Online Store, we have kinda shifted our focus more on our Apparel lately. The Online Store has been seeing a lot of traffic and sales with our merchandise, and with more collaborations recently along with new collaborations coming, it has been extremely busy. With that I have also personally delve back into the Off-Road Scene lately which has kinda given me a lot to work with. But not to worry, because Motolyric is not going anywhere, and we will still be covering key Racing Events in Time Attack, Drag Racing, and other events in relations. For the remainder of the year, I plan to cover and document the Last 2 GTA Events, especially Global Time Attack Super Lap Battle, Formula Drift Irwindale, SEMA or Import vs Domestic World Cup Finals is still a debate. But I will finish off the Motorsports Season in 2018 in Vegas with Import Face-Off.

The World Time Attack Challenge is still a possible, although I’m 70% likely not going to make it this year. But on the good side we are just at the moment of producing more Merch and more Motolyric Exclusive products for you, and the masses. We recently added a few more shops in our Retail side. One is Project Import, based out in City of Orange, with their newest change in ownership the store front they have shows some great future potential. They are not only a formidable shop in the industry, but have a quality spectrum of products for purchase either Online, or Onsite. So having them on board as a new location to get some (Not All) Limited Run Products is a move forward in our goals for the future of the Motolyric Brand.

The Second store we just recently added is another Out of Country Shop based in Singapore called Jmotorwerkz which has been running for years and the owners are ecstatic of our US Based Products. Since they have been already carrying other USA Based Brands, we will be their next involvement on the Life Style side. They will be carrying our latest Time Attack Division Shirt with Mascot “DQ” and some exclusive stickers that are only for them. In essence we will be doing some collaborations on future designs also, and some “Motolyric Singapore” Only Merchandise.

I’m very excited about giving some more Retail Stores the opportunity to Sell our Merchandise. Since we started, JHPUSA was our first store in the USA, Garage 16 in Canada, and Callaway Motorsports in the Netherlands to name a few, and they have all done well. Plus, it’s been a great way of showcasing our products, and give others the chance to grab a Limited Edition Shirt that they missed out on. So stay tuned as we release more fresh designs, and make sure to continue following us on Instagram for updated information and Product Drops.. -Rommel Estrada