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The End – Imports vs. Domestics World Cup Finals 2015

Now that Christmas is over and the year 2015 will follow suit. The one question most of us have is, what are we going to do next year? For some, it’s a car build, for others it’s a concept in their minds dwindling about what car part they want to buy or if they should. Some are already lingering on the world wide web or like me, writing down what I want to buy for my AE86. Lol. But before I do that, I wanted to end it right with the Best event I covered all year. This was the one, and although I should have shared what took place sooner, […]


Track Hookers Hoodie #2

Finally after a long season in 2015 we are bringing back the ever popular Track Hookers Hoodie. Again to commemorate the 2015 year of events, especially with our involvement in Time Attack and available for a Limited Time. We took what we learned from last year and decided to change it for the better. Other than a different design and reason, we still stayed with the same Zip-Up style. But as opposed to last year’s hoodies, […]

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Brutal 86 T-Shirt

Since we started the Track Hookers line. We’ve had many ideas for quality apparel, but there has been a long list of designs that we can’t wait to share. To start it off right, I’ve had a visualize image of a Time Attack 86 in my mind for the past 4 years that I’ve always wanted to build. I personally love the AE86 and I always said if I could render or draw I would be able to put it on paper. But since I can’t draw, I was lucky enough to find an Artist back in 2013 […]

What Client’s Say

Thank you for bringing passion back to motor-sports!
M&EI, M&EI Marketing
We are pleased to announce that Godspeed will be working with our favorite photography company, Motolyric, closely in 2014!!!
fatboygarage462, Godspeed GSP
These are the kind of shots that separate the pro’s from the amateurs. Motolyric has always been able to capture the drama and excitement for the Noluck Racing xDarton Sleeves SFWD Civic for years especially the crucial moments you see above. Thank you for all the great memories and we hope for your continued support for the 2014 race season!
Randy Reginaldo, No Luck Racing
Our good friends at Motolyric killing it with this photo! So much win in this photo. If you’re into every thing cars, follow them and you won’t regret seeing their awesome photos.
Thank you Motolyric for the beautiful pics! We found a great spot to hang them. Look forward to ordering more from future race events!!!
Scott V, Fontana Nissan
I love how you guys support true grassroots motorsport.
Duane Bada