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Small town Legend “Faith Franco”

The new era of fighting has become a diverse place for all types of people, regardless of race, color, background, height, weight, and gender. Both Boxing and MMA have been a Male Dominant sport for years, and centuries for boxing. Female Fighters in today’s world are now considered a force to be reckoned-with and not to be treated less or given the slight ease when it comes to training. […]


Maxed Out – March Meet 2015

Max Capacity was more like it. First time I have ever seen Famoso Raceway that packed to the brim, and that’s me arriving early Sunday morning for what was a 3-4 day event. The ever-popular March Meet held at the famous Auto Club Famoso Raceway has been going down for almost 60 plus years. Don’t know the exact number, but from what I do know it was this event that put Bakersfield CA. on the Motorsports Map of the World. The history of this special event goes so far back that the stories of “Big Daddy” Don Garlits, John Force, Tony Pedregon and even NASCAR’s very own Kevin Harvick are truly part of what makes this event that great. I’ve been lucky enough to now be a visitor of such an event and more in the future. […]


This is Time Attack – Global Time Attack x Speed District Round 1

Buttonwillow in the wet, it’s happened before and most events shut it down till mother nature stops crying. But when you’re chasing time and you got a full fledged field of anxious racers trying to one up each other, nothing is going to get in the way of a Time Attack event that brings it like no other. To kick-off the 2015 Season, Global Time Attack has teamed up with another Track Brand known as Speed District. […]

What Client’s Say

Thank you for bringing passion back to motor-sports!
M&EI, M&EI Marketing
We are pleased to announce that Godspeed will be working with our favorite photography company, Motolyric, closely in 2014!!!
fatboygarage462, Godspeed GSP
These are the kind of shots that separate the pro’s from the amateurs. Motolyric has always been able to capture the drama and excitement for the Noluck Racing xDarton Sleeves SFWD Civic for years especially the crucial moments you see above. Thank you for all the great memories and we hope for your continued support for the 2014 race season!
Randy Reginaldo, No Luck Racing
Our good friends at Motolyric killing it with this photo! So much win in this photo. If you’re into every thing cars, follow them and you won’t regret seeing their awesome photos.
Thank you Motolyric for the beautiful pics! We found a great spot to hang them. Look forward to ordering more from future race events!!!
Scott V, Fontana Nissan
I love how you guys support true grassroots motorsport.
Duane Bada