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The Future of Time Attack – Global Time Attack x Super Lap Battle 2014

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Some people have never heard of this growing giant that has become a worldwide phenomenon. I honestly don’t know when it all started, but from what I can remember back in my tracking days it was really fun. You register , drive to the track and race not against others bumper to bumper, but against the Clock. You have to set a time and beat it every chance you get. The only thing is, no audience and really no true payout or anything like that. Now we got events throughout the US and if it wasn’t noticeable before, everywhere in the world, it’s a Big thing, especially in Japan on the Standard Tsukuba Circuit hundreds, if not thousands of cars fill up the tracks in Japan on Time Attack days. […]

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The 1000’s – World Cup Finals Import vs. Domestic 2014

More like a million, but that would be over exaggerating. The estimated number in attendance was about 25,000 plus people and maybe more. Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to see and meet everyone as I planned. I mean I flew all the way from L.A. to Newark, then to Virgina shuttled out to get my rental car, and drove another hour and a half to find this so called Drag Racing Gem also known as WCF Imports vs Domestics.

In its 19th year, this one (my first one ) did not disappoint at all. Friends and fans have been telling us to come and with the World Famous SEMA on the same week at this event we have always gone to Vegas it being closer and from history SEMA Week in Vegas has been a party of a lifetime. But I opted out and decided to take a chance and head over to Maryland International Raceway to see these Drag Racing Monsters from all over the World Battle for supremacy. […]


Speed Addiction on the rise – Shift-S3ctor Airstrip Attack 7

Trend – A fad or cultural change developed by a group or population of individuals. 5-10 or maybe even 20 years ago the straight line speed culture was between Quarter-Mile Drag Racing and Land Speed Racing throughout the industry, with the uncommon 1/8th mile in the mix the competition of mostly race cars to street cars could be found in the pits. Fast forward to 2014 and now you have more than a smattering of half-mile and one mile race events going on worldwide, generally dominated by exotic or full blown and built […]

What Client’s Say

Thank you for bringing passion back to motor-sports!
M&EI, M&EI Marketing
We are pleased to announce that Godspeed will be working with our favorite photography company, Motolyric, closely in 2014!!!
fatboygarage462, Godspeed GSP
These are the kind of shots that separate the pro’s from the amateurs. Motolyric has always been able to capture the drama and excitement for the Noluck Racing xDarton Sleeves SFWD Civic for years especially the crucial moments you see above. Thank you for all the great memories and we hope for your continued support for the 2014 race season!
Randy Reginaldo, No Luck Racing
Our good friends at Motolyric killing it with this photo! So much win in this photo. If you’re into every thing cars, follow them and you won’t regret seeing their awesome photos.
Thank you Motolyric for the beautiful pics! We found a great spot to hang them. Look forward to ordering more from future race events!!!
Scott V, Fontana Nissan
I love how you guys support true grassroots motorsport.
Duane Bada